Nature Talks...are you listening?
Brent Nixon - CEO
Brent Nixon's Biography in Brief

Chief Executive Officer/President
Nature Talks...are you listening?
An organization dedicated to environmental education and endangered species research in the wild.  I
created the nonprofit Adventures In Nature (a 501 (c) 3) in 1998 to answer the growing
requests from public education facilities and community groups for quality information about our         
environment, and the creatures that dwell within it.  From Adventures In Nature, which merged with other
nonprofit groups, I created Nature Talks in 2006 to continue the work I was doing when I was in charge
of Adventures In Nature.   Nature Talks is a for profit organization.  I believe that when children get to
meet the scientists that are doing the work in the field, and learn from them through engaging interactive
presentations, that science becomes interesting and fun for them.   I am often referred to as a David
Attenborough type scientist with a Robin Williams sense of humor and a level of energy that matches
Jim Carey!


Wrote, directed, acted in, narrated, and produced Coastal Bald Eagles/ALAXSXAQ; a 105 minute long
educationally entertaining DVD presenting the natural history of Coastal Bald Eagles and a second
feature show about the "rushes" that have shaped the Alaska people now meet in their adventures to
the Great Land.  Released in 2016.

Wrote, directed, acted in, narrated, and produced Humpback Whales; a 50 minute long (main feature)
environmental education DVD  that addresses the natural history of the North Pacific
humpback whale.  
This DVD also has a teacher curriculum guide created to assist instructors in their
introduction of marine mammals and their habitat.
Over 3,500 tapes, 45,000 DVDs, and corresponding
curriculum guides have
been distributed to public schools throughout the United States and
First release 1998.  Second release 2006.  Third updated release 2015.

Wrote, directed, acted in, narrated, and produced
Brown and Black Bears; a 55 minute long (main
feature) environmental education DVD that presents North American Brown and Black Bear
communication techniques, feeding habits, differences in physiology, and human behaviors when
engaged by a bear.  The pilot of this DVD was distributed to over 20,000 location
s and has received
excellent reviews.  This DVD has two bonus shows on it of: Sea Otters of the North Pacific and a
comparison of Seals and Sea Lions.
 First release 2006.  Second updated release 2015.

Wrote, directed, acted in, narrated, and produced
Orca - The Killer Whale; a 50 minute long (main
feature) environmental education DVD that takes viewers into the lives of these apex predators.  I have
spent over 3
5 years studying orca in the wild and this DVD presents some of their extremely complex
social structure, feeding habits, how they interact with humans, and an attempt at calling the viewer to
action about taking care of our planet to protect these amazing marine mammals.  This DVD also
has a
bonus documentary about
Tracy Arm-Ford's Terror Wilderness Area on it.  Forty minutes of stunning
video that I shot on pristine beautiful days in this magnificent fjord of Coastal Alaska.  I narrate the
documentary and Mary Amanda Fairchild created the music for it.
 First release 2014

Have conducted over
6,000 presentations on a myriad of topics that have reached over 500,000
students and
900,000 adults.

Personally responsible for generating over $350,000 in support of the education and research
missions of the nonprofit Adventures In Nature. Provided financial support to Alaska Whale Foundation.

Aided in design, creation, and management of our Nation’s first non-captive whale watch park – Lime
Kiln Whale Watch Park – San Juan Island, Washington.

Aided in creation and enforcement of the Marine Mammal Sanctuary – Hawaii.


2014 Porthole Magazine listed me as:
One of the
Top Naturalists in the Cruise Industry!

Special Feature article by Georgina Cruz in March 2008 issue of Cruise Travel magazine.

Special Feature article in Celebrity & Azamara Cruises spring 2009 Captain's Club magazine.

Featured Naturalist of the inaugural cruise of the Celebrity Solstice to Alaska - summer 2013

Featured Naturalist of inaugural cruise of Azamara Quest in November 2007.

Featured Natural Historian with Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises, and Holland America Cruise Line.

Featured naturalist on Turner Broadcasting’s Travel Alaska three part television series.

Featured naturalist on NBC’s Jane Pauly Live series featuring humpback whales of the Hawaiian
Islands Marine Sanctuary

Featured naturalist on WVOX Environmentally Sound (New York City based radio station) national

Have contributed video imagery to National Geographic, Animal Planet, and Discovery Channel

Contributing writer/videographer for "Whale Song" with Lloyd Bridges. Environmental Golden Globe
Award in 1991.

Whales – Jungle Press – Hong Kong; over 40,000 in circulation.
Light Passion – Print on demand – United States.

Research Work:
Behavioral response of Megaptera novaeangliae (humpback whale) to recreation and commercial
boating traffic within breeding and feeding locations throughout Eastern North Pacific waters. Work was
in part conducted from the Cousteau Vessel Halcyon with Jacques Cousteau.

Behavioral and physiologic responses of Orcinus orca (killer whale) to increased human influence
within their Eastern North Pacific habitat.  Work was in part conducted with the  Whale Museum of Friday
Harbor, WA.

Coordinate all guest speaking engagements with public schools, community groups, and businesses
throughout the United States and International.

Review and evaluate educational presentation content to ensure compliance with Washington and
California testing standards.

Develop new educational presentations and materials (DVDs, curriculum guides, and teacher

Conduct at least 100 presentations annually to ensure “grounding” with needs and wants of the
general public and public school systems.

Developing “internet video streaming” of educational presentations to reach a larger audience base.

Oversee completion of annual Federal tax report for Nature Talks...are you listening?

Oversee monthly accounting review of Nature Talks...are you listening?

Oversee accounts payable distribution and review travel expenses of guest speaking tours.

Negotiate speaking engagement contracts with public schools, community groups, and businesses
throughout the United States and International.

Conduct passive fund raising activities via public presentations aboard major luxury cruise ships.

Developed and manage website of Nature Talks (

Evaluate activities and growth of organization and make suggestions of short and long range activities to
bolster positive growth.

Suggest candidates for and review credentials of sub-contracted research naturalists representing the
organization's educational activities.

Coordinated with Alaska Whale Foundation, the nonprofit research affiliate to Nature Talks, concerning
research projects conducted from the vessels Evolution and Vaquita.

Assist in development of new education materials for use in passive fund raising.

Personal Data:
I am in my VERY late 50s now, a major time of change in a life of learning, loving, and laughing.
I have two lovely
teenage daughters (Emma and Jessie)
I am married to an amazing woman...Mary Amanda Fairchild, who is beyond awesome!

                 Please visit my You Tube video to learn more about me and my philosophies.