Point of Origin

Nature Talks has grown out of my fascination with nature and the amazing stories it
has to tell us when we pay attention (are you listening?).  I have put together some
pretty fascinating power point presentations on a variety of different subjects and
spend a lot of time each year researching those presentations and updating them
with new information and digital video I capture during film shoots for National
Geographic, Animal Planet, and other wildlife film groups.  I spend part of each year
guest speaking on luxury cruise ships and another part touring around the country
sharing Nature's stories with public school children, community groups, and private
organizations.  When I am not out touring, filming, or on a ship, I am home with my
gorgeous wife Mary Amanda and beautiful daughters Emma Kate and Jessie

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Founding Philosophy
What makes Nature Talks work for you?

Over the forty years I have been teaching about Nature (and how to get around in it)
I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of people who want to know more
about what is going on in their world.  In comes
Nature Talks...are you listening? to
the fill the void which Nature will not tolerate.  I am of the philosophy that
education doesn't have to be boring nor does it have to be without humor.  I have
found that people learn, and hang on to what they have learned, much better if they
have a good time while they are acquiring their new knowledge.  Add a fantastic,
video-filled power point show to this humorous, but factual, presentation and I
believe that two of the three elements of a successful learning experience are at
hand.  Since I am as excited about the subject as you might be toward hearing about
it, my presentations tend to be fairly animated; I find it impossible to stand still
when relating such behaviors as how a sea otter cleans its fur or a harbor seal
swims.  This is the third critical element that seems to make my presentations work
for most audiences, young and old...the fact that I am totally absorbed in the subject
matter and tend to embody my love and passion for that particular creature during
my show.
Nature Talks...are you listening?
Brent Nixon - CEO
Purpose and Philosophy
Is it a Jelly or Jellyfish?
It's a jelly.  Jellyfish is an
antique term (just like star-
fish, sea star is correct) for
this beautiful open sea
.  It is not related to
the fish of our oceans, but
old sailors didn't know that.
Killer Whale or
Whale Killer?
Orca is most correct, but if
you must use the word
killer then it is a "whale
killer" if you would like to
be grammatically correct.  
Nature Talks...are you listening?
Brent Nixon
P.O. Box 296
Cashmere, WA  98815