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Humpback Whales  DVD              $20
A wonderful and energetic look into the lives of the Humpback
Whales of the world.  Travel between the feeding and
breeding locations of these great whales and learn about their
behaviors at each site.  Excellent underwater footage and a
lively, animated narration by me make this a great classroom
teaching tool and a perfect way to share your whale
experiences with someone at home.  This DVD has a series of
additional features:  There is a 55 page PDF teacher
curriculum guide that offers reproducible student pages and
teacher answer sheets.  Addresses math, reading, writing,
geography, music, and art.  There is an interactive menu that
allows you to pick an ocean, pick a month, and see where the
whales are.  Both hemispheres are available.  There is also a
behavioral out-takes menu selection that allows you to focus
on one behavior; breaching, lobtailing, pectoral slapping, etc.
Humpback Whale DVD demo clip(click here)
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Mark Twain
once wrote...

"Travel is fatal
to prejudice,
bigotry, and
ness, and many
people need it
charitable views
can not be
acquired by
vegetating in
one's little corner
of Earth.
Innocents Abroad
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Coastal Bald Eagles and ALAXSXAQ DVD - $20.00
($6.00 shipping)

Brown and Black Bears with Bonus Sea Otter and Seals Shows DVD - $20.00
($6.00 SHIPPING)

Humpback Whale with Teacher PDF Curriculum Guide DVD - $20.00
($6.00 SHIPPING)

Orca - The Killer Whale with the Bonus Tracy Arm video DVD - $20.00
($6.00 SHIPPING)

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The Brown and Black Bear DVD $20
This has three separate shows on it! Brown and Black
Bears of North America
is the feature show and the bonus
shows are:
Sea Otters of the North Pacific and Comparing
Seals and Sea Lions
.  The Bear show is about 55 minutes
long.  All shows feature me acting and narrating in what I call
an "illustrated talk."  Each presentation is an in-depth look at
the particular animal(s).  Lots of up close video and some
great imagery make this a wonderful teaching tool or a lasting
memory of your travels through Alaska's Inside Passage.          
Link to Brown and Black Bear Demo Video (Click Here)

Link to Seal and Sea Lion Demo Video (click here)

Link to Sea Otter Demo Video (click here)
Orca - The Killer Whale DVD        $20
An indepth look at the complex social structure of this apex
predator as seen through over 30 years of Brent watching
these marine mammals in the wild.  

This show challenges some of our present thought processes
and presents some excellent imagery as you learn, are
entertained, and called to action on some critical issues.

Bonus show included:  Tracy Arm Wilderness - On a
Perfect Day
A forty minute sojourn into one of Alaska's premier coastal
wilderness areas.  Exceptional film footage combined with a
narrative by Brent Nixon make this an excellent lasting gift of
your adventure in Tracy Arm.
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Coastal Bald Eagles and       $20
There are two amazing shows on this DVD!

Brent Nixon takes you on an in-depth adventure investigating
the life of
Coastal Bald Eagles, a National symbol that was
taken to the brink of extinction (by humans), but has made an
amazing recovery throughout much of its range.  The coastal
Alaskan Bald Eagle is a magnificent bird of prey (raptor) found
in healthy numbers throughout the Inside Passage of Alaska
and British Columbia.  Drawing from over thirty-five years of
field research and studies, Brent animates this presentation
with up-to-date facts, humor, and personal experiences that will
keep you entertained while educating you.  This is a show for
all ages that helps reinforce what we as a people can do when
we set our hearts and minds to creating change for the good.

ALAXSXAQ is the ancient Aleut name for present day Alaska.
This is one of Brent Nixon’s “signature” shows introducing
guests of all ages to the historic “rushes” that have created the
Alaska we explore today and to the wonders of the state that
keep people coming back throughout their lives.  Brent first
came to ALAXSXAQ as a high altitude, cold weather survival
specialist for the U.S. Army in 1978.  He has walked, skied,
swam, kayaked, and flown over nearly ninety-eight percent of
the state in the years that followed his arrival.  Meet an
ALAXSXAQ that few know like Brent in this thoroughly
entertaining fifty minute presentation that he hopes you will
share with your friends and relatives for years to come.
Link to Coastal Bald Eagle Demo Video (Click Here)
Link to ALAXSXAQ Demo Video (Click Here)
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